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Gramß, D., Mühlhausen, S. & Schweizer, K. (2008). Influence of presence in three-dimensional process control, 11th International Workshop on Presence. Padova: CLEUP Cooperativa Libraria Universitaria Padova .

ISBN: 978-88-6129-287-1

The copyright for this publication as a whole stands with HTLab. The copyright of each separate paper published within these proceedings remains vested in its author.Authors have assigned to Presence 2008 organizers and ISPR (International Society for Presence Research) the on demand availability rights for their work and the right to create a derivative work from it, including publication on ISPR website and on the conference proceedings. Abstract Nowadays with increasing automation, monitoring production processes in a continuous way gets more and more difficult. We investigate how the application of graphical 2D and 3D displays influences conductive and interfering aspects during monitoring situations. Our goal is to develop an appropriate visualization of process data, which enhance the operator's understanding of the current process. On the one hand, we consider presence and the possibility to interact with the visualized data as conductive factors. On the other hand, we see task complexity and additional activities added to monitoring task as interfering factors, which can negatively disturb operator's performance. For examining our research questions, we used different data visualizations from a thermo-hydraulic process producing particleboards. Presence was measured with a self-developed questionnaire.

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