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Huppertz, P., Massler, U. & Ploetzner, R. (2005). v-share - Video-based analysis and reflection of teaching experiences in virtual groups, Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Support for Collaborative Learning (S.232-236). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

ISBN: 0805857826

Successful teacher education links methodological theory and teaching practice. Research further indicates that student teachers’ development of pedagogical content knowledge can be fostered if they are supported in reflecting on teaching experiences individually and cooperatively. Time and place independent pre- and in-service teacher training is gaining importance. Due to long distances between individual student teachers and the limited amount of time for reflection during face-to-face sessions, analysis and reflection processes cannot be realized in blended learning arrangements with the same means available in traditional face-to-face teacher education. The project “v-share” therefore develops the methodological concept and technical support for video-based analysis and reflection on teaching experiences in (virtual) groups. The internet-based tool allows student teachers in blended learning arrangements to share videos of their own and their fellow student teachers’ teaching lessons and to select sequences for joint online analysis, annotation and reflection.

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